TATTVA Design Hostel

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Designed at NN – Arquitectura e Planeamento, Lda.


Project Summary:

The buildings to intervene are located in the Historic Centre of Porto, an UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a priority area of intervention so, on the outside, the intention is to preserve the beautiful and traditional facades covered with decorative tiles.

The program seeks to address the lack of such a service in the city, an Hostel for seasonal accommodation of young travelers, trying to stimulate the local trade. The interior improvements pass through the suitability of the buildings for the desired function, modifying the acesses for the articulation of all floors.

Along with a small store, the ground floor is constituted by the reception, living room with internet area, and laundry facilities. On the first intermediate floor, kitchen and dining room, followed by the next three floors with dorm rooms. The second intermediate floor has a large terrace, and on the fourth floor are planned dorm and double rooms with a shared living area.

Services Provided:

Licensing Organization . Architectural Detailing