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RTP – Rádio e Televisão de Portugal


Project Summary

“Ruins” is a documentary film that aims to meditate on part of the Portuguese heritage that succumbed due to the passage of time.

Far from the metropolitan centers, several buildings that were once true turning points of Portugal’s development, rest today - the São Jacinto Shipyard, in Aveiro; Jerónimo de Lacerda Sanatorium, in Caramulo; Barca de Alva Train Station; Robinson Cork Factory, in Portalegre; and São Domingos Mine, in Mértola. A rest so often ungrateful and forgetful.

After a forgotten industrialization, and the lives that the time saved within, we wander through symbolic buildings that the society gave to obsolence. We compromise to give them a new perspective, a new strength, so that others may bring new times for these old places.

With an optimistic view of the future, and despising the easy plaint of an unalterable past, the purpose of this documentary is to return the life and the notoriety to these old buildings that lie among the most diverse landscapes.



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