Porto Ribeira Hotel

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Designed at NN – Arquitectura e Planeamento, Lda.


Project Summary:

The building to intervene has the front facing the Douro river, framed by Luís I and Infante bridges. The terrain is defined by several platforms in the Guindais scarp, between the Fontainhas walkway at North and the Gustave Eiffel avenue, at South.

Much of the existing slums in the scarp were housing of the workers who laboured at the industries once existing near the river. The major building, vacant for several years, was occupied by housing and commerce. In a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Historic Centre of Porto, the building now in ruins has an incredible potencial to shelter a distinctive Hotel.

The entrance floor is oriented mainly to services, and an exhibition space is projected as a mezzanine, taking advantage of the existing height inside the building. The remaining two floors are constitued by the accomodation units. The project includes the addition of three floors: one mainting the features of the existing building, and the two upper floors in steel and glass, minimizing the intervention and the relation with the main building.

Services Provided:

Licensing Organization