Miniature Golf

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Designed at NN – Arquitectura e Planeamento, Lda.


Project Summary:

The project of a miniature golf is a continuation of a blending operation performed in the former land of Labruge’s camping site.

This choice comes with the aim of providing the residents multiple outdoor activities, and mini golf becomes the perfect combination of leisure, fun and competition for all ages. It will also be an asset to the county and an attraction to the village besides the beach.

Here the intention is to install an 18 track circuit with its start and end from the terrace of the Club House, where the reception of the practitioners is made, and respecting the rules of implantation and relation between the tracks. The surrounding area will be grassed and wooded, and the central rectangle of the circuit is a water mirror shaped by a stone bench, balancing the play and rest areas.


Services Provided:

Architectural Design