House . Rua das Rosas

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Designed at NN – Arquitectura e Planeamento, Lda.


Project Summary:

This proposal is located in the city centre of Oporto, in an area that a few years ago was torned for the construction of a highway that crosses the entiry city.

The existing house is abandoned and uninhabited for many years, and the proposal intends to consolidate the urban front, respecting the alignments of the adjacent buildings. The new house consists of a ground floor and three upper floors. On the ground floor is projected the main entrance connected to the stairs, garage and laundry room. It is also through this floor that starts the stairs to the courtyard of the upper floor. On this first floor, we find the living and dining rooms, connected to the outside, and the kitchen. The three bedrooms are on the upper floors.

Two large balconies visible on the elevations appeal to lounge on the outside with privacy, as at Northeast the fourth floor is recessed, and at Southwest the balcony is facing the interior of the lot.

Services Provided:

Urban Analysis . Architectural Design . Rendering