Hotel Teatro

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Designed at NN – Arquitectura e Planeamento, Lda.


Project Summary:

In the centre of a UNESCO World Heritage Site in a continuous requalification process, the Hotel Teatro is born on the exact location where in 1859 was built the Baquet Theatre. This theatre was a very important spot of Porto’s cultural life until a fire devastated the building in 1888.

The project for Hotel Teatro appears, since its beginning, with the aim to recreate the exquisite and bohemian atmosphere from the past. The redevelopment of the existing building was pretended to be contemporary, but sober and without colliding with the history and presence of the surrounding buildings.

The interiors have the signature of Nini Andrade Silva, and bring the spirit and the luxury of the theatre in this extravagant stage. Hotel Teatro is an honorable and deserved first member of the Design Hotels company in the city.

Services Provided:

Architectural Survey . Architectural Design . Architectural Detailing . Rendering . Construction Supervision

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