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RTP – Rádio e Televisão de Portugal


Project Summary

ARQtv is a Web TV Magazine of Architecture and Design, two unexplored fields by the portuguese media. The great goal of ARQtv is to make this kind of information accessible to a wider audience, escaping the technical language responsible for the diversion of the public attention.

Many shows of cultural nature, by using a closed language, dedicated to one very specific target audience within the area, don’t appeal to most people. The goal is to offer direct information, concise, but more uninhibited. Get to know all aspects of these areas and their importance without presumption, demystifying the abstract stance that many programs about these subjects adopt.

Its goals are the dissemination of national projects and the development of the public’s critical and artistic sense, sizing the role of these disciplines in the life of people and society.



Autorship . Production . Credits . Cinematography . Direction


Note: The property rights, intellectual and material, whilst safeguarding the intellectual creator’s moral rights, are owned by RTP, as well as the respective patrimonial rights.