Apartment Facade Rehabilitation

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Project Summary:

We have just finished our latest work in Vila Real, in the north of Portugal. As a Consultancy service, the project consisted in the rehabilitation of an apartment of a known building in the city, built in 1985 under a project of architect António Belém Lima and winner of a National Architecture Prize.

The main concerns were a cleft on the south facade and the obstruction of the expansion joint that were damaging the interior: humidity in the exterior walls; deformation of the wooden floor and the unstick of the mosaics in one of the bathrooms of the upper floor, damages that had to be recovered. The problem on the facade was solved by applying ETICS (External Thermal Insulation Composite System), a system with multiple benefits regarding the type of problems we were dealing with. Only the facade matching the client’s apartment was renovated at first and under our Consultancy services.

Services Provided:

Consultancy . Construction Supervision