How To… Layer Patterns


It’s one of the top trends in interior design! Why? Because it adds personality to your home, making it more inviting and personal! All this without resorting to a great investment! It’s almost a DIY!

But layering patterns can be quite complex, so you should look for a professional to help you. Layering patterns works with walls, floors, window coverings and accessories, so… one step at a time. Start with pillows, and then work through there.


Follow these initiation rules and try this at home: 

1. Combining patterns involves four basic elements: color, scale, shape and texture. Start with color. Display your samples together and remove the pattern that goes off the game. One of the possibilities is to work with a base color, like white, and mix with patterns with that same base.


2. If you’re a beginner, limit the number of patterns to use. Three is just the ideal to start.


3. Add contrast! Once you have selected your main color, add a bit of contrast.


4. Vary the scale. Color and shape are easier to nail it, but scale is more complicated. When layering patterns, try no to choose more than one with the same scale so you don’t create cluster.


5. Think in some patterns as solids. It works with polka dots or thin stripes. They’re small enough and understated that the eye can view them as a solid, even though they’re really not.


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